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The History Of Ghengis Khan
Timeline of Major Events


The Life Of Genghis Khan
The Life Of Genghis Khan (pg. 2)
The Life of Genghis Khan (pg. 3)
Accomplishments of Genghis Khan
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Timeline of Major Events
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1170- Temuchin (Genghis Khan) is born

1196- Temuchin defeats the Tatar Tribe in battle

1202- Temuchin attacks the Tatat Tribe again

1206- Temuchin named leader of the Mongols and given the title of "Genghis Khan"

1207- Genghis Khan begins war against China

1211- Genghis Khan invades the mighty Chin Empire

1214- Peking is besieged by Genghis Khan and his army

1215- Peking falls and is taken over by Genghis Khan

1218- Shah Mohammad attacks a Mongol caravan

1219- Armies of Shah Mohammad are defeated

1219-1221- Hunt for Shah Mohammad

1220-  Bukhara and Samarkand are taken over

1221-  Shah Mohammad is killed

1227-  Genghis Khan dies