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The History Of Ghengis Khan
Accomplishments of Genghis Khan


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Accomplishments of Genghis Khan
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"All who surrender will be spared;

whoever does not surrender but opposes with struggle and dissension,

shall be annihilated."

-Genghis Khan

This is exactly why Genghis Khan was such a successful, powerful, and feared leader of the Mongolian nation.  He conquered very simplistically and if you were with him, you lived, but if not, you were killed.  This simplicity allowed more forces to join Genghis Khan's army because many found it easier to fight and follow than to resist and die.

The colors on this page represent the three colors on the Mongolian flag itself.

-Created the largest empire the world has ever known, stretching from Korea to Hungary at it's largest extent. 

-Promoted pan-Asian trade

-Avid taste for luxury goods for all Mongols

-Practiced relocating artists

-Sparked brilliant cultural flowering in the Iranian world


-Unified the Mongol people

-Organized a nearly invincible army of fearless, nomadic warriors

-Set into motion the first stage in the conquest of an enormous territory that would be finished by his sons and grandsons.

-Extraordinary speed and devastating ruthlessness in conquering territories.



-Indirectly sponsored the creation of a remarkable new visual language

-United Eastern and Western Asia for over a century

-Produced a unique occasion for cultural exchange that changed the face of art in Iran.

-Made Iran a focal point of innovation and synthesis for 300 years after his death. 



In short, even though the many successes of the Mongols as well as Genghis Khan himself may seem unfathomable, they are very much explainable by ordinary means.  One does not need to search for a mystical explanation for all of these acts.  Clearly, to do so does an incredible injustice to the true talents of Genghis Khan and the Mongols of the thirteenth century.