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The History Of Ghengis Khan
The Life Of Genghis Khan


The Life Of Genghis Khan
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Genghis Khan was born on the skirts of the Onon river, near the current border of the countries of Mongolia and Russia.  His birth name was not Genghis, but rather Temujin, named after a Tatar cheiftain whom his father had taken prisoner when his son was born.  The source of Temujin's ancestry, birth, and young life has come from Native folklore, the only source for details about these subjects.  As a result of this, the facts about his life are intertwined with some material that is most likely purely fictitious.  The father of Temujin, Yesugei, was a local cheiftain and the nephew of the previous ruler of the Mongol tribe.  At the age of nine, Temujin was taken by his father to the extreme east of Mongolia to find a bride among his mother's people called the Konkirat.  Temujin was engaged to one year elder Borte, the daughter of the cheiftain, and left to be brought up in the care of his future father-in-law as was the custom.  On his father's journey home, he met a group of Tatar's who wished for him to eat with them.  Yesugei was an enemy of the Tatar's and they quickly realized who he was so they poisoned his food.  Yesugei possessed only enough energy to get back to his home and call for his son to come home and become the new cheiftain.  After his father died, the troops that used to be loyal to the family, now turned their backs due to the influence of the Taichi'ut, a group who wished to take the dead leader's place.  Temujin was attacked in his encampment by the Taichi'ut as a young man where he attempted to escape into the woods but was captured.  The clan spared his life but held him as a prisoner.  One night while the group was eating on the banks of the Onon river, Temujin evaded his captors and hid almost completely underwater.  One of the members spotted him but befriended him rather than turn him in and told the other members to hold the search until the next morning.  That night, Temujin made his way to his new friends tent where he was concealed from the search party and helped with the way to escape.